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Since 2015 COLOURCYCLE has been creating beautiful upcycled fashion items for you, your home & your surfboard.  

Why upcycling ? The owner of COLOURCYCLE, Charlotte, is deeply concerned about climate change, waste and the state of the planet. By using only upcycled leathers, upcycled vegan leathers and fabrics, we can create items that are good for the planet whilst at the same time being fashionable & of very high quality.   


Our items are; 


- Carbon neutral. Nearly all materials & ALL leathers / vegan leathers are offcuts / waste materials from local industry. 

- Clean. All fabrics that are not 'new' waste have been fully laundered. 
- Affordable. Using upcycled and repurposed materials means that we are able to create items of the same quality  of craftmanship with a lower cost compared to similar brands. 
- Locally and hand made. We make all items by hand in our small studio in Bayonne, France. 

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