Meet the Maker

Passionate recycler and lover of colour, I aim to make beautiful items in the most eco-conscious way possible. I am a self-taught seamstress and ColourCycle has been my hobby since 2015. All of my materials are either end of roll / offcuts or repurposed. The leather I use comes from tanneries 'waste' bins or has been gifted to me from people who have purchased a surplus or is recycled. For more information on where each piece of leather came from- please don't hesitate to get in contact. All my bags are completely unique one offs and my own designs. Each bag has been carefully thought-out according to the properties of each raw material. As a result, nobody else will have the same bag as you as each one has been conceived according to the properties of the leather offcuts available to me at that time. To me, commodities- even the 'waste' parts- should be treated with utmost respect & consideration. As well as using almost all repurposed / salvaged materials, I aim to buy haberdashery items locally and by bicycle- meaning your purchases are extremely eco-friendly.