COLOURCYCLE is bringing you upcycled fast-fashion items for you and your home / surfboard. 

Why fast-fashion ? While we appreciate artisan crafted items using the highest quality materials, the price-tag is not always within our range…. That’s why we decided to offer the same quality of craftsmanship using recycled materials to make hand-made more accessible for everyone. 


Our items are; 


- Carbon neutral. Nearly all materials & ALL leathers are offcuts / waste materials from industry. 
- Affordable. Although we can’t produce items at the same cost as fast-fashion retailers, our creations are proven to be considerable more affordable than local competitors producing similar items. 

- Upcycled. We use / re-use haberdashery items & threads where possible. 
- Locally made. In a small studio in Biarritz, by me, Charlotte.